Artist Statement

I have learned many languages over the years which have allowed me to express myself -- music, dance, machine shorthand/stenotype -- my hands have always been my vehicle for expression. Hands and fingers that once wrote and crafted legal transcripts cannot help but find new freedom of expression with brushes and paint. I release my need to create beauty through a union of structure and form to produce a balance to which I am inextricably drawn. The first time I put brush to canvas, I knew I was hooked.


My process I would say is instinctual. I don't plan or sketch - I just go with my gut, usually beginning each project with a colour and texture in mind and I just let myself go. It's as easy as that, or not!

My main influences are from textiles: rugs and wallpapers, paint and clothing trends. I have countless cans of paint, reams of vintage wallpaper, too many pillows to count, bins of fabrics, and a manageable collection of decorating magazines that I can't part with. I scour all types of magazines, from decorating and architecture to photography and crafting. I search out and read decorating blogs from all over the world to see what other creative people are doing, marvelling at their talents and draw on that inspiration; but when I work, first and foremost I please my eye. I think that is really important. To be an artist you have to know what you like.


I am drawn to eclecticism – I'm a bit of a mix-master. My home is an ever-changing gallery of my own art with a few other pieces interspersed. I enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things and am known for constantly creating new vignettes in my rooms. We change our wall colours often. I'm always looking for the perfect balance in my art and in my life, and when I find it, it's magic. That's a great feeling.


There's nothing like it in the world.


Upcoming Shows


Estudio Luna Presents .... Marilyn Pankratz
Estudio Luna

3rd floor 220 Mc Dermot Avenue Winnipeg, MB.

May 6 - June 1, 2011


Panyard Gallery

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